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Waiheke LPG gas for home heating, hot water, BBQ
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Get cooking with Gas!

Cooking with gas is preferred by most people who have tried it, giving you precise temperature control as you create your culinary delights! It is the choice of all discerning chefs and is the perfect way to cook.

Comfortable Outdoor Living

Whether your choice is a fresh snapper, steaks or roasted veggies, enjoying outdoor meals prepared on a gas barbeque is a quintessential part of summer evenings on Waiheke. And for when the sun has gone down your gas fired patio heater will keep the chill off as you relax into the island evening.

Home heating

Gas heating of your home creates a warm  and welcoming ambiance. Whether using stand alone heaters, a gas fireplace or gas central heating you can enjoy the security of fast and efficient home heating with gas.

Hot water on demand

An instantaneous gas water heating system provides a great alternative, especially for weekend bach’s and for homes which experience high demands over short time periods. Your water is heated




Our  long-term vision it to support Waiheke to become more energy efficient and resilient and to investigate opportunities to create bio-fuels produced from local organic waste.


We look forward to speaking with anyone from the island who shares our aspirations and would like to discuss how we may synergistically support their project, organisation or initiative.