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LPG Cylinder Delivery Consideration

Is the driveway steep or structurally unsound for heavy vehicles?

Is there a safe place for the truck to stop to make the delivery?

LPG truck Measurements (approx.)

  • 1 Meters wide
  • 5 Meters long
  • 5 tonnes fully loaded

The access route should not be through a garage, must be clear of obstacles and not be over delicate or decorative surfaces such as terracotta due to the weight of the cylinders

Waiheke LPG 45kg cylinders:

  • Gas weight 45kg
  • Cylinder weight 40kg
  • Total weight when full = 85 kg

Could the pathway or stairs make delivery difficult?

  • Generally, should not exceed 5 steps.
  • Maximum step tread riser should be 125mm
  • Steps should not exceed 1.5m total rise.
  • Paths should have a minimum width of 600mm and not exceed 20 degrees and be reasonably smooth.

Cylinder installations should be in an accessible location where the delivery of gas can be made safely by one person.

Delivery options available as alternatives

The options below are for your consideration, these are merely suggestions and alternate solutions. The decision on how to proceed is at the discretion of the site owner and will impact future deliveries. If a site is deemed difficult for delivery, we reserve our right to refuse delivery and suggest alternate means.


Option 1:

Relocate the gas and cylinder connection to a more suitable location more accessible for easy one-man delivery. Our staff will gladly do a site visit and discuss your best workable options.

Option 2:

Purchase 2-3 smaller LPG cylinders 18kg or 12kg that can easily be moved by one person. This option is more cost-effective and can be done on your daily commute/trip to the supermarket.

For ease and convenience, we are also open Sat 9am – 1 pm for refills.

Option 3:

Delivery surcharge extra staff member to assist with delivery $25

We have not charged this in the past as we have had staff to assist with difficult deliveries but no longer in a position to do this. The charge covers the assistant.

Option 4:

Regrettably, if a solution is not attainable, we will gladly refund any outstanding orders and you are welcome to obtain your LPG by alternate suppliers.