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Waiheke LPG gas for home heating, hot water, BBQ
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Waiheke LPG gas is the island’s 100% locally owned and operated independent supplier of LPG gas.

We’re committed to providing the best service possible whether you need LPG gas for your home, business or special events.

Our reputation is built on providing dependable well-priced products to our customers and providing support for community initiatives.

Owners Dana Darwin and Liz Ross have been active community members for many years, passionately supporting Waihekians with a variety of personal, business and community Energy Initiatives, including Dana’s renewable energy company (Energy Alternatives).

Waiheke LPG gas is a strategic step towards supporting the Waiheke Community to become Energy Resilient, both against inflated LPG gas prices and climate changes.

After 3 years of operation we’ve proven to be ‘Leading Lower Prices’ for LPG gas on Waiheke – reducing retail prices from $138.00 down to $105.00 for 45kg and from $45.00 down to only $25.00 for 9kg refills!

Our team is ready to connect and serve all your energy needs. Drop into our showroom for a chat and learn about Waiheke LPG’s wide range of gas cylinders, gas regulators and gas fittings.

Call us on 09-372 3606 to learn more.


At Waiheke LPG we realise that liquid petroleum gas is a fossil fuel which is finite and also is a proven contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Gas is the cleanest burning, lowest emission fossil fuel though it still emits more carbon dioxide than renewable sources of energy.

We believe that LPG is currently a needed energy source on Waiheke for cooking, heating and other uses and have a view that LPG is a necessary “transition” fuel source as we strive to become more energy resilient and ecologically sustainable.

We are committed to the journey of significantly offsetting the CO2 emissions created from all LPG sold from the facility. To this end we wish to support the raising of native trees for planting on the island and are seeking to support community groups who have established or new tree planting initiatives in place.

Our long-term vision is to support Waiheke to become more energy efficient and resilient and to investigate opportunities to create bio-fuels produced from local organic waste.

We look forward to speaking with anyone from the island who shares our aspirations and would like to discuss how we may support their project, organization or initiative.


Charlie Farley’s has been using Waiheke LPG for five months now. During this time they have gone out of their way to provide great service and assistance in any way possible. We have been really surprised at the amount we have saved with their weigh and pay system which ensures you only pay for what you use. Highly recommended local business people.

– Brent Ivory, Owner

WLPG has repeatedly offered us above and beyond service. There have been multiple times they’ve gone out of their way to provide us with top notch customer care. I can say that they’re not only a great vendor, they have also become our friends. Their ‘weigh and pay’ service shows they truly care about providing the best value possible. Thanks guys!

Ami – The Cove Bites and Brews

A huge thank you for your help in getting me out of a difficult situation. When the guests contacted me to inform me that I was out of gas which meant no hot water, I was so relived after I explained the situation to you; you were at the property within the hour with a 45kg bottle. Again a huge thank you your quick support in this matter is greatly appreciated!

– Claire Nelson

Poderi Crisci is a busy restaurant set in a rural setting. As such it is sometimes difficult to ensure that suppliers can consistently provide us with the goods and services we need to operate in an effective manner. Waiheke LPG has been most efficient in providing and maintaining a regular service, whilst at the same time offering the cost-effective product available on the Island. We have made significant savings since switching from our former supplier, and have found dealing with Waiheke LPG to be most pleasant!

– James Boyle – Manager, Poderi Crisci Restaurant

Call us on 09-372 3606 to learn more.